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Wireless SolutionsWireless Solutions

The increased efficiencies and productivity gained by mobility have driven the growth and popularity of wireless networks in recent years.  Enterprises and academic institutions have installed Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) in their buildings and on their campuses.  Public businesses, such as coffee shops, restaurants and malls, have begun to offer wireless access to their customers.  And, commercial operators and municipal authorities are deploying large city-wide “WLAN zones” in city centers and residential neighborhoods. To fully realize the benefits, a stable, reliable, and secure wireless environment is critical.

VITAL Network Services offers a comprehensive portfolio of wireless deployment and management services to support the proper implementation and on-going operation of a wide range of 802.11 technologies from leading WLAN manufacturers.

Wireless Deployment Services
Regardless of the type of wireless infrastructure selected or the location in which it is being deployed, the proper design and deployment of a WLAN will lay the foundation for the ongoing operation and performance of the wireless infrastructure now and in the future. Unlike wired networks, there are a large number of outside factors that impact the success of a wireless network.  The type and placement of access points and antennas, the frequencies used, and environmental factors all play significant roles in the operation and performance of wireless networks.  VITAL’s portfolio of Wireless Deployment services provide a complete set of services to facilitate the smooth deployment of WLANs.  Deployment services may be selected individually to augment existing capabilities or the complete package of services can be utilized for a turn-key deployment.  VITAL’s Wireless Deployment services include:

  • Wireless Site Surveys - Analysis of the planned WLAN environment, identification and verification of the appropriate type and placement of wireless devices to create a highly available, secure WLAN
  • Staging - Pre-staging and testing of the WLAN equipment in a lab environment
  • Installation - Onsite Field Engineer to mount, secure, connect and verify the operation of the wireless equipment

By utilizing VITAL’s expertise, customers can avoid the typical challenges of WLAN deployments to achieve the best possible performance from their investment. View the datasheet or contact us to learn more.

Wireless Management Services
Evolving environments and security challenges make managing a WLAN inherently more complex than a wired LAN.  In a WLAN environment, users are constantly in motion and share a common wireless network infrastructure.  Environmental issues can cause interference and signal degradation.  Rogue access points leave the network susceptible to security threats.  Without a comprehensive management solution that monitors for device failures, performance thresholds and potential security risks, the cost savings and productivity benefits of mobility can be quickly eroded through the additional time and costs associated with the day-to-day management and ongoing user support required for the WLAN. VITAL’s Wireless Management Service provides organizations with a comprehensive and efficient solution for managing their WLAN environment.  By applying the proper expertise, management tools and methodologies to their WLAN devices, VITAL’s customers achieve the maximum business benefit from their technology investment.   With VITAL’s Wireless Management service, customers receive:

  • Fault Management – Up/down fault identification, notification, and remediation for contracted WLAN devices
  • Configuration Management – Centralized device configuration platform with regular configuration comparisons and archival of last configuration
  • Performance Management – Identification, trending and recommendations based upon real-time and historical performance information gathered from the managed WLAN devices
  • Security Management – Identification and notification of WLAN security threats including rogue access points and suspicious authentication attempts

VITAL's Wireless Management service provides an end-to-end management solution to increase the overall reliability and performance of wireless networks.  View the datasheet or contact us to learn more.

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